PR, marketing, profile and partnerships for arts, culture and heritage

What I do

I get stories in the news, publicise events, raise the profile of organisations, create a buzz online and make videos and other online content. I run training for arts and cultural organisations and individual artists. I also develop audiences, organise events, coordinate and produce engaging arts programmes across South West England and nationally.

Who I work with

Since setting up Gillian Taylor PR, I have worked with a range of cultural clients including the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Somerset Art Works, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts Health & Wellbeing, CEDA (Community Equality Disability Action), Devon Artist Network, Dreadnought South West, and a number of individual artists.
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What do you need?

What can I help you with? If you’re trying to get your story in the news, need some help with social media, would like to improve your communications strategy or you just know you need to raise your profile somehow, get in touch. If you’re not sure what it is you need, or you’d just like to chat about what I can offer, email me, or call on 07761 546075.
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Woman taking photo with her mobile phone

I run training in smartphone video-making, media interviews, writing press releases and other topics. Learn how to get your story in the news, communicate your messages effectively in interviews or make your own simple video with your phone. Workshops from basic level to advanced, in person or online.
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Video & content

Woman standing in front of huge barn door, holding a large ceramic pot

I tell stories about arts, culture and heritage by creating short videos, writing engaging copy, and creating other content for use online, in press releases and in marketing materials. I also work with clients, with talented designers and with great photographers to showcase the work of cultural organisations.
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About me

I’m a creative communications professional with extensive experience in the cultural sector. Before I set up Gillian Taylor PR, I was the communications lead for Arts Council England in the South West for 15 years. I’m also a paper artist and a violinist, as you can see from the photo.
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Latest News

Artists welcome visitors behind the scenes

Artists all over Somerset are welcoming visitors into their studios and exhibition spaces.  Somerset Art Weeks is proving very successful, with more than 300 artists hosting exhibitions and events in loft spaces, garden studios, tithe barns, stables, museums, churches, farms, libraries and a prison.

Artists respond to theme of Sanctuary

Artists across Somerset will be responding to the theme of ‘Sanctuary’ for this year’s Somerset Art Weeks. More than 300 artists will be hosting exhibitions and events in over 100 venues, including loft spaces, tithe barns, stables, museums, churches, farms, libraries and a prison.