Broadcast media interviews

Learn how to communicate your messages effectively on radio, on TV and online. Build your confidence, learn how to present yourself well, deal with difficult questions, and get your messages across.

This training will help you to hone your messages and deliver them during a media interview. You can learn how to make sure you say what you want to say, project your enthusiasm, and deal with difficult questions.

To deliver this training, I work with an experienced TV cameraman. Practical sessions will build your confidence in a safe environment and prepare you for the real thing. Practice interviews are filmed in a realistic situation so you know what to expect when it happens for real.

We can provide training for up to ten participants for a day’s workshop. Each training session is planned to accommodate your needs, prepare you to make a positive impression and give a great interview.

Broadcast interview training makes a good follow-on session to Getting Your Story in the News. Both sessions can be booked as a two-day course or individually.

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